Creating a new benchmark in system design, the Cruze Vertical System is the result of advanced engineering working alongside luxury design.

Each curve, edge and surface is shaped to perform. The once streamlined headrail is softened by the addition of a light texture and the patented double facing channels neatly encase the travellers within the headrail.

Available in Gloss White, Textured White and Anthracite, the Cruze Vertical system has enhanced the visual aspects of the vertical blind for both the headrail and colour matching components.
Applying fresh thinking to the role of the traveller the Cruze system enhances the key attributes to this intrinsic system element, to create a component that provides multiple benefits.

Greater light management is accrued with reduced spacing between the headrail and the top of the vane, while the narrower traveller width reduces fabric stack back.

3 operating systems presents the user with a choice of controls dependant on the consumer need.

The direct drive provides users with a smooth operation while the reduction gear provides precision through advanced control of the tilt position. The wand control system provides a complete child safe solution.